T.E.A.M.'s RACE course will review the content outline of many Advanced Nursing and Paramedic Transport Certification Exams. Get ready to earn your CCP-C, CFRN, CTRN, and FP-C. This is an intense, 2-day, comprehensive review course and is approved by the IBSC for 16 CEU's toward CCP-C and FP-C recertification. Discounts for participants currently certified and taking RACE for recertification purposes. Improve your chances of success.

T.E.A.M.'s 1-day RAVE course will prepare you to have an entry level knowledge of current advanced transport ventilation practice and technology. RAVE reviews respiratory A&P, ABG's, oxygenation, basic/advanced modes of ventilation, ETCO2, and strategies. RAVE consists of didactic, scenarios, and tabletop exercises. Come and have fun while learning about advanced ventilator management of complex patients in the demanding transport environment.

T.E.A.M.'s 1-day AMPP course covers basic airway management, tracheal intubation, pharmacology, difficult airway, failed airway, pediatric, and special clinical situations. AMPP consists of didactic, scenarios, and tabletop exercises. This course is designed to challenge providers while providing maximum hands-on experience. This interactive class is a great for review of experienced providers, and a must have for new or inexperienced providers.

T.E.A.M.'s Academy is coming soon!

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